The Fascinating Tale of Peso Pluma’s Haircut

The world of fashion and style constantly evolves, and hairstyles are no exception. The peso pluma haircut stands out as a recent sensation, garnering attention and admiration from many. What’s the history behind this unique style? Let’s dive in!

Inspiration from Bieber

Peso Pluma, the Mexican sensation known for his gripping melodies, had a haircut journey that’s just as captivating. Before adopting the haircut that is setting trends today, Peso Pluma’s hair was reminiscent of Justin Bieber during his “Baby” phase. While it was stylish, it wasn’t the peso pluma haircut style that we recognize today.

The Colombian Makeover

Everything changed during a trip to Medellín, Colombia. A local barber, promising to deliver a look that was the talk of the town, took to Peso’s hair. The result? A mullet with a sideburn fade. Reacting to his new look, Peso commented, “I hated it at first. My hair is a superpower to me, so I’m always cautious about it.” However, after glimpsing his fresh look in a music video, he exclaimed, “Se ve bien perro [it looks really good].”

The Haircut Craze

The look didn’t just stop at being a personal favorite. It sparked a rage. Teens across the U.S. and Mexico began requesting the peso pluma haircut name at salons. Highlighting its impact, Peso shares a tale: “A barber from Mexico City told me that 24 people had asked for the Peso Pluma haircut in just one day.”

Who is Peso Pluma?

Born Hassan Emilio Kabande Laija, Peso Pluma is a name that resonates with many today, especially as Billboard’s recent cover star. His influence in the Mexican music domain is undeniable, particularly with his signature corridos tumbados songs. His impressive stats, with over 700 million on-demand official streams in the U.S. and 18 entries on the Billboard Hot 100, showcase his stardom.

A Global Journey

With his album, “Génesis,” ranking No. 3 on the Billboard 200, he’s made history for música mexicana. The global star remarks on his life’s transformation: “My life has undergone immense changes.” Embarking on his inaugural U.S. tour, produced by Live Nation, Peso has also ventured into nurturing young talents with his label, Double P Records.

Empowering the Next Generation

He passionately expresses, “I want budding artists to know that if I achieved this, they can too. We’re on this adventure together, side by side.”

In Conclusion

Peso Pluma is not just a musical icon but a style influencer too. His unexpected hair transformation in Medellín has given rise to the peso pluma haircut trend that many adore today. As his music continues to inspire, so does his unique style.


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