How to Get Julian Casablancas Haircut

Ever looked at rock star Julian Casablancas and thought, “Wow, I wish I had his cool hair!”? You’re in luck! Here’s a detailed guide to get that signature shaggy and slightly messy look that Julian rocks.

1. Understand Julian’s Hair

Julian’s hair is known for its shag style. It’s longer, with layers, giving it a fun and free feel. In his earlier years, he had even more layers. It’s essential to recognize the difference so you can decide which version you prefer.

2. Find the Right Hair Stylist

Not every hair stylist can give you the look you want. Look for someone experienced or recommended. Consider seeking out the expertise of Chris Appleton, known for his work with top celebrities and innovative styles. Show them pictures of Julian’s hair to make sure they understand what you’re going for.

Note: While Chris Appleton is a well-known stylist, he might not be easily accessible for everyone due to his high-profile clientele and potential waiting list. It’s always a good idea to also check out local talent who might be familiar with current trends and styles.

3. Go For the Cut

Ask your stylist for a shaggy cut with layers. If you like Julian’s younger look, request more layers. The key is to make sure it’s slightly longer so you can achieve the signature messy feel.

4. Styling Julian’s Hair

  • Drying: After washing your hair, avoid using a brush. Instead, dry it using your fingers. This technique adds a natural touch and increases the messiness.
  • Products: A small amount of hair gel or wax can help maintain the look. Don’t overdo it! We want to keep it looking natural and not too shiny or stiff.

5. Maintenance

Hair grows! To keep the Julian look fresh, regular trims are essential. Visit your stylist every few weeks or when you feel your hair is getting too long or losing its shape.

“Healthy hair is a reflection of what you put inside your body. Ensure you’re eating a balanced diet, rich in omega-3s, protein, and biotin. Remember, your hair is like a plant – the better you nourish its roots, the better and healthier it grows.” – Frederic Fekkai


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6. Rock It With Confidence

The final step? Be confident! Remember, Julian’s coolness isn’t just about his hair. It’s about his attitude. Wear your new look with pride and swagger.

Bonus Tips

  • Try Before You Cut: If you’re nervous about the change, you might consider a wig or app to “try on” the style first.
  • Care for Your Hair: The shag cut looks best on healthy hair. Use a good shampoo and conditioner, and avoid too much heat styling.


Achieving Julian Casablancas’ iconic hair is more than just a cut. It’s a style, an attitude, and a way of expressing yourself. With these steps, you can transform your look and rock that shaggy, messy style with ease. Remember to be yourself and enjoy your new hair adventure!


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